Tracktion_engine effect plugins

I have searched documentation but didn’t find anything.
The question is newbie.
How can i use those plugins?
For example, I need DelayPlugin.
Can someone provide a code or instruction how can i make something like that (i did’t need interface, just functionality):

  1. Load input audio file
  2. Apply DelayPlugin functionality to file
  3. Save output audio file

Have you looked at the example projects?
We don’t have an example that does exactly those things but the tasks should be split amongst the examples.

Also maybe take a look at the InternalPluginTests class which unit-tests the internal plugins. That might help show how to create those. If you are changing a plugin’s parameters though, make sure you always change them via the AutomatableParameter members or you’ll get syncing problems.

Thank you for the answer.
Yes i have looked at examples project and tests.
There are i can see how to create plugin, how to change parameters, but i haven’t find how to actually call plugin with audio file.
Will dig depeer.

We’ll try and add a render example soon but in the mean time you can look at the Renderer class.
Specifically, the Renderer::renderToFile method:

    static bool renderToFile (const juce::String& taskDescription,
                              const juce::File& outputFile,
                              Edit& edit,
                              EditTimeRange range,
                              const juce::BigInteger& tracksToDo,
                              bool usePlugins = true,
                              juce::Array<Clip*> clips = {},
                              bool useThread = true);

For a simple render you’ll probably want to pass useThread = false or you’ll need to implement UIBehaviour::runTaskWithProgressBar to setup a background thread and run the task.