Mac VST 64 Bit Support?

Anyone get a Mac VST 64 bit plugin compiled with Juce? Any suggestions, or should we just wait for Jules to add proper support in a later tip? Not a huge issue, but customers are beginning to ask about support for this in our products and we’d like to offer it this year if possible.

I’m starting to have customers ask as well. VST 3.x isn’t a priority for me, as there are no VST 3.x-only hosts out there. But the 64-bit hosts rely on bridges, and these are unreliable to say the least.

Sean Costello

I sucessfully compiled a 64 bit Mac VST by using what MadScientist posted here and tweaking some little things (posted in the same thread).
I am not using the tip so I don’t know if it works but I think Jules added this to the tip.


This is something our users are asking as well, I’ll give a try to MadScientist’s code…

Thanks, I’ll have to try that…

Worked like a charm, took 15 minutes start to finish to get a working VST x64 build of our flagship plugin, rock solid so far! Thanks!! 8)

It seems to work great for us too!

Maybe we could redirect people reading this thread to the main 64bit thread that includes code snippets?