Machine Learning Meetup

Hi All,

Sadly had to miss the recent hackathon/meetup for the new machine learning API’s. Joys of a deadline and Angular 2 oddities.

If there any public info available about the new API/Module yet or any material from the hackathon ?


I’ll post a report of the hackathon when I have a moment :wink:


Nice one Ivan,

Checked out your blog the other day. Liked your post about your KVR submission and the TPT filters!

Look forward to seeing what you got up to at the hackathon.


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Hello ! I have just posted a quick report about the hackathon and my feelings about the JUCE module.

I’d like also to tell you that the code associated isn’t going to be available soon, it was a very early alpha version that has been used. But obviously the JUCE module might be improved at some point in the future, and ultimately released in a way or another (I have just worked on it during 1-2 weeks for the JUCE team, so I can just share my feelings, I can’t talk for themselves :wink: )

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Awesome. Just took a quick read through.

Thanks Ivan,

Good to get an insight into what is going on. Slightly different concept to the machine learning stuff I’ve been developing for my Msc so glad to see I might have a chance in making some original contributions at least!

Looks really cool!

Given me inspiration to maybe record a quick usage video of my beatbox to MIDI plugin to see if people think the code/concepts behind it could be of general use.

Really excited to see what new interfaces come out of this.

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wonderful! looking forward to hack with the module!