macOS Architecture for builds on M1

Hi, I set this to “native architecture of build machine” on my M1 machine for debug so that it wouldn’t constantly build x64 and arm.

This works fine for the standalone, but Logic can’t load the AU. In order for Logic to load the AU I need to have the “standard 64-bit” setting which seems strange as Logic should only need the arm version?

I have a project set to native architecture here and it loads fine in Logic. In case it helps the AU target is setup as below:

This indicates that you’re running logic under Rosetta. Perhaps your IDE is running under Rosetta and when it launches Logic for debugging, Logic will run under Rosetta as well. Or maybe you have the “run under Rosetta” setting checked in the right-click properties of Logic.

You probably tried that but I have to delete the component when compiling for another architecture (In my case the Xcode project directly builds or copies into the library/audio/plug-ins/components folder).