Main bar is a bit strange

Thinking about it, it’s a bit odd.

JUCE logo takes you to … the forum(?!) Then “discover” … seems a bit haphazard (a bunch of unrelated material in here), and ‘Get JUCE’ … which is going to get hardly any clicks.

Surely JUCE logo should take you to some kind of JUCE homepage, with: what is it? Who uses it? What’s the license (-> Get it!)

i.e. Get JUCE should surely be nested a couple of layers deep.

And then after the logo should be “API/Doc” then “Forum” Then maybe “GitHub repo”??

Wouldn’t that make a ton more sense?


PS how about getting rid of “suggested topics” … It is kind of annoying because it keeps suggesting useless things. hmm (/me pauses for thought…).