Major stop-ship bug in 5.4.4 [Fixed]

I posted this in another thread, but since that thread is way less likely to get attention than this one, doing it again here.

There seems to be a feedback loop with VST parameters, both VST2 and VST3. Host sends 0,1 parameter change to plugin, gets back real-world values, which it then, in turn, sends back to the plugin.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Make a new audio plugin with a VST2 render format.
  2. Add a single AudioProcessorValueTreeState parameter for it in the usual way; however, give this a big range so you can see the problem. Say, 0, 10000 or something.
  3. Build the plugin, change the parameter with the host’s generic UI.
  4. Die a little bit inside.

This is definitely a quadratic fucktangle that is absolutely a no-ship bug. Products we shipped with 5.4.3 exhibit this behavior with 5.4.4


Thanks for reporting this, there’s now a fix on develop in commit d37cee7. We’ll cherry-pick the fix onto the master branch and will be doing an update in the next few days with this and a few other fixes in.


Verified this fixes it. Thanks, Ed! I’ll edit the topic to “fixed in Dev” and update to “resolved” when it’s in Master.

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On master now, thanks @reuk!


Rolled that in to my Master, and verified the fix. Thanks for the quick fix; legends!