VST3 Bug with AudioProcessorValueTreeState

There seems to be an issue with the AudioProcessorValueTreeState in VST3. The default value that I set with “createAndAddParameter” won’t be set in the Plugins Parameters, when created, it will always default to 0.

It works with VST and AU. I’m on mac, so I haven’t tested on Windows, yet.

Even trying to do a setValueNotifyingHost doesn’t work in the constructor of the AudioProcessor. The current workaround is to set the parameters current value with “setValueNotifyingHost” in the prepareToPlay function, which doesn’t seem right, because it only needs to be done once.

Can be easily replicated with this opensource project



Just noticed: It seems to be a Plugin Host issue, it’s working fine in Reaper. Still would be good to fix it in the Plugin Host…
Though it’s working in the Plugin Host with non-JUCE plugins… weird

This should be fixed on develop now. You’ll need to re-compile the host.

great thanks, working for me!