Using setCurrentProgram() in VST3 plugins doesn't change parameters or state (host side)

I can’t set the presets in VST3 plugins in my JUCE hosting application. It works for AUs but not for VST3.

The plugin i’m using to test this is Tal Reverb 2.

getNumPrograms() returns 10;
Using getProgramName(index) in each of the indexes returns 10 different program names;

setCurrentProgram(index); does not change the plugin state retrieved with getStateInformation() and the parameters don’t change in the editor.

Although, the method AudioProcessorListener::audioProcessorParameterChanged is called 1 time, with the program parameter index and the new value.

This is essential for hosting VST3 plugins and I can’t make it work.
I also tested the same plugin in Reaper, and it lists the presets and is able to set them.
Is this a bug within JUCE? Am I missing something?

Thank you :wink:

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Thanks for reporting. This issue should be resolved here:

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Thank you! Solved it by forcing the plugin to process audio. But this seems like a better solution.