Make Drawables not inherit Component

Since Drawables inherit Component, they are often limited to be used on the message thread.

Feature request:
Move the Drawable functionality to independent classes, maybe DrawPrimitive or whatever name, and make the Drawable and it’s descentants a wrapper around that new classes for backward compatibility.

Don’t think that this would be a good move - probably a better FR would be for us to create some new classes that directly model SVG, so that essentially you’d have a binary mirror of an SVG document and could modify bits of it and have it all update efficiently.


If you think that could make it up over the “when we are really bored” margin of the backlog, even better :slight_smile:

Don’t know how this could be integrated in it but I’ve always dreamed of a way to create a widget in SVG and have some part of this SVG to depends on some widget value. Like a knob where the value modify some SVG values.

Basically implement a runtime version of this