Making an EQ from cascading filters


I’ve been scratching my head over some EQ related questions. I read a lot of papers but my limited math and DSP knowledge prevents me from fully understanding them, so I thought I’d ask the experts. Here we go :

I want use The Vinn’s filters (, do I need to mention that, given The Vinn’s fame in the DSP world) to create an EQ.

  1. Can I just casacade the filters :

input signal -> processed through f1 -> … -> processed through fn -> output signal ?

  1. Given that filters are not perfect, does the order matters ?

  2. Do you know how I can calculate the transfer curve of the EQ, from each filter’s transfer curve ?

  3. Finally, what kind of filter is best ? From what I read, I think it’s better to use high order filters instead of quadratic, so I think I should use Butterworth or Chebyshev filters. Am I right ?

I’m currently a bit lost so thanks for ANY insight ! What I would like is to maximize the sound quality 9i.e : make a transparent eq, nothing too fancy) , even if the CPU cost is high, or even better, provide options like optimise for speed/optimise for quality

Also, if somebody wants to do it for me as a paid contract work, please feel free to PM me