Making parameters automatable

hey guys

So I’ve made a filter VST with an attached midi keyboard, but I don’t see the parameters in the host’s UI. Therefore, I can’t get them to automate.

Is there anything specific I have to do to get a parameter to be read by the host?
(I already tried setting isParameterAutomatable = true)


isParameterAutomatable is a function, not a variable… (?) If it doesn’t work, you’ve probably just not overloaded the function correctly.

Yeah…I meant I defined the function:

bool LowPassFilterAudioProcessor::isParameterAutomatable (int index) const
return true;

Well, if you’ve implemented that correctly, I don’t know. You didn’t actually say which hosts you’d tried?

Sorry! I’m new to this…

I’ve tried Reaper and LiveProfessor, neither of them show anything except Dry and Wet.

What part of my code would you need to see if I’ve done it right?

You have actually created some parameters, right? i.e. you’ve overridden getNumParameters, etc?