Non-automatable parameters via AudioProcessorValueTreeState?

How can I tell the host, that a parameter created via AudioProcessorValueTreeState::createAndAddParameter() is not automatable ?

currently AudioProcessorValueTreeState::Parameter is not exposed and is does not override isAutomatable(). So I think a code-change is required: one way would be possible to expose the internal AudioProcessorValueTreeState::Parameter class and add setIsAutomatable() that simply set a bool return it via isAutomatable(). Another way would be to add those setters directly to the AudioProcessorParameter class.

It would also quite useful to completely hide a parameter from the host while still being able to use the AudioProcessorValueTreeState::Attachment awesomeness.

thanks, Ben


I created attachments to be used on the plain ValueTree:

So if you use these attachments on the public accessible AudioProcessorValueTreeState::state, then it gets stored together with the rest of the state…

Maybe that helps…

It seems that “isAutomatable()” is only a hint for the host, that is not controllable, if it gets exposed to the user… It is covered in that thread: How can i set a certain parameter not Automatable?

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