Manual resizing of tabbed menu component creates popout menu with different lookandfeel

I am looking for some help and Its either a potential bug with Juce or more likely I did something wrong setting up… something.
The issue is I have a TabbedComponet with a full list of tabs and the look and feel is under LookandFeel class. When I resize the main window, the tabbedComponet gets smaller (as expected) and when it can’t fit all the tabs on the screen a “+” icon pops up and a popover menu (I am assuming) gets created to place the tabs unable to fit.
The tabs in this popover Menu are in a different font and different LookandFeel . I expect that the different lookandFeel has the default values.
What I want to have happen is that this popover menu has the same LookandFeel.

After much searching in my code and juce source code i cant seem to find the logic that dictates this behavior of TabbedComponent. I am unable to figure out definitively if it is something I have not set up correctly - which is very likely - or when juce creates the popover menu it is not getting passed/access to the look and feel class provided by the TabbedComponent.

Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated.

Versions (unable to change)
Juce 5.3.x
windows 11

I don’t know much about your problem but one thing I’ve run into with my recent experiences is that the behaviour of popup menu’s depends heavily on what type of JUCE plugin (or app) you’ve generated, and whether it is AUv3/VST3, etc.

So what I’d suggest you do if you haven’t already, is generate the various different client types for your JUCE app and verify that the same behaviour is occurring with all targets - it may be (I’m not sure) that you’re running into issues with AUv3 plugins, for example, not being able to gain access to the main host process to attach its sub-windows (popups are sub-windows) and you’re thus not getting the same LaF applied as you’d expect … or something like that.

Anyway, do you see the same artefacts for different JUCE target types? If not, that might be a clue to where the issue lays, in terms of where to find code …