TabbedButtonBar PopupMenu does not inherit LookAndFeel

Due to lack of a bug tracker I’m just posting this here :slight_smile:

Using the TabbedButtonBar with a custom but non-global LookAndFeel makes the PopupMenu which is shown when too many tabs are open appear with the default LookAndFeel. It seems that in TabbedButtonBar::showExtraItemsMenu the line

m.setLookAndFeel (&getLookAndFeel ());

is missing, at least this is how it’s done in ComboBox::showPopup().


Is this actually a bug? Am I missing something? It seems nothing has been patched in master as of yet:
Would be nice if someone could acknowledge this at least. Also will there be a proper bug tracker at some point in time, like just using GitHub issues for error reports?

Thanks in advance