Maximum channel count, sample rate & precision

Hi there!

I was wondering what the limitations of JUCE are. Especially:

  • Is there a limitation in the maximum of channels we can use with JUCE? (I would like to go for 64 channels in and 64 channels out)

  • Is there a limitation in the maximum sampling rate with JUCE? I would like to use 192kHz sampling rate.

  • Can we work with Double Precision calculations? (Float64)


It depends what you’re doing…

Obviously we don’t impose any limits that aren’t in the underlying OS or hardware. But there will be limits imposed by the stuff we sit on top of. E.g. different plugin protocols will have different max channel counts, and some may or may not support double-precision. Nothing we can do about that, but nothing in JUCE will stop you using what’s available.

Perfect! Thank you.