Maximum Number of Parameters RTAS

Hello all,


First post here. I have a VST plugin that contains 133 parameters. Everything works just fine. I tried to build a RTAS version in a Windows enviroment(VS 2010) of the same plugin. It compiles, however when I try to load it into Pro Tools, I get a DAE 7401 error. I looked online for the error but found very little information. Is 133 parameters too much for Pro Tools? Also I have external libraries such as libcurl and mySQL connector embedded in the code.





I remember not having had problems for a plug-in that had 200+ parameters

It was built with VS2008, but I don't think it makes any difference.

I think you can easily check, though: just declare one less parameter than 133 and see if ProTools complains.

If it does not, there could still be a problem triggered by what you have linked in as the 133rd parameter: in such case, simply bypass whatever you are doing in your setParameter for it and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, there is something in the code for parameter 133 that causes trouble

Thank you very much for your response.