RTAS Problem



I am trying to run my 32 bit Juce plugin under RTAS on MAC OSX 10.6.7. I am running ProTools LE 8.1 and have built the 32 Bit debug ProTools PluginLibrary using PT_80_SDK. Everything builds and links just fine. When I insert the plugin in an instrument track in the ProTools project the UI for the plugin opens up and displays correctly. However, there is a blank white strip (about 1/2 inch) above my normal UI window where the standard ProTools plugin control elements should be. Then ProTools hangs with the spinning MAC wheel. Running under Xcode debugger there is no crash just the hang. The plugin runs correctly as a VST and as an AU. I am using:


Any ideas?


Sorry folks. The problem here had nothing to do with Juce. It had to do with return an excessively large number (8k) in AudioProcessor::getNumParameters() – don’t ask why I was doing this. Anyway, VST and AU had no problem but RTAS appeared to hang – actually it was just taking a very long time to work through all the parameters.