Maybe it's better to add a version number for Introjucer

Hello Jules. Hello JUCE team.

I've been using JUCE framework for years; it's really a great library, especially the Introjucer which saved a huge time for me and made my programming more interesting and relaxing. Thanks a lot!

What I'm saying is whenever I opened / closed a existing old project after I haven't updated the library for many days, the Introjucer told me that I need to update and recompile itself or resave the project, which made me a little confused. I tried to check out what the current version the Introjucer was, but there was nothing to show except to click the 'modules' and seeing the library version on the right.

So, could you guys add a version number for Introjucer, please? The better way I think maybe make the version the same with JUCE library?

Best wishes.


This is already in there (if a little hidden).

If you click on a file from the "Files" tab and then the menu bar "Window" -> "Close All Documents" you'll see the JUCE logo and version number below it.

I agree, this might be easier to get to though.

Aha, found it! It's a little tircky that I've never perceived before. Thanks Dave!

And I want to say I really appriciate your module DrowAudio which is pretty convenient for me and I've learnt a lot from it. Thanks!

However, It'd be more evident to add a menu item, e.g. 'About', under the menu 'Tools' of Introjucer, just like the old Jucer -- it would be perfect if there was a portrait of a bearded man. :)