AU version in Logic pro X

I cannot seem to find how to set the plugin version, as read by logic pro X, from within JUCE. 

I have managed to find that the version number that logic uses is this <integer> number in the .component Info.plist file: 


but I cannot find how to change that number from within JUCE/Xcode. 

Thank you!

Why not simply use the intoJucer?

This is good advice, I have found a few things that I 'couldn't find' in XCode which were actually very simple options in the introjucer :].

Isn't the introJucer for creating new projects? What if you want to change the version number of an existing project?

Ok, so yes, the introjucer can be used to change the version number of your plugin, and to update the juce code and do all sorts of things. thanks guys! Just open the introjucer app, then open the .jucer file in your project folder.