Memory leak with Juce VST host example


Hey, I'm making a VST host using Juce and noticed that the memory for the loaded VSTs isn't released when the instance is deleted. This happens even in the VST host example that comes with Juce. What is happening here? How can I stop it?




You didn't say how you measured those leaks, or whether this is VST2 or VST3, or even which OS you're running!

Obviously if a plugin leaks internally then there's nothing you can do to prevent that, but AFAIK the host works correctly.


Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah sorry I should have said: VST2 on OSX 10.9. I was checking using the memory usage monitor in XCode. Any ideas?




Well, for me the leak detector generally shows a ton of leaks in plugins, but none caused by the host.

The Xcode memory tools do an amazing job of showing exactly where leaks come from, so why are you being so vague about describing the ones you're seeing?


Because I guess I don't really know what I'm talking about, sorry.