MemoryMappedAudioFormatReader questions


I saw the MemoryMappedAudioFormatReader and I wondering if I use it in the correct way. I didn’t understand all the topics in the forum that deal with it.

ScopedPointer<MemoryMappedAudioFormatReader> loadSample(File wavFile) {
	ScopedPointer<WavAudioFormat> audioFormat;
	MemoryMappedAudioFormatReader* reader;

	audioFormat = new WavAudioFormat();
	reader = audioFormat->createMemoryMappedReader(wavFile);

	if(reader) {
	return reader;

float getSample(int numChannel, int numSample) {
	float result[6];
	reader->getSample(numSample, result);
	return result[numChannel];

I need it for real time audio processing, to make sample based plugins.

  • Is it better to use mapEntireFile() or mapSectionOfFile() ?
  • Is the example of getSample() function the good way to get samples in the processBlock() ?
  • I read something about a background thread to make some touchSample(); Should I do that with mapEntireFile() ?

(PS : It’s been few times I asked some questions in this forum, and I received answers from patient users or admin, and I’m gratefull about it, so thank you this time too ! )

Use mapEntire file on a background thread.