Menu bar inert in JUCE v1.28?

I’ve successfuly built both JUCE v1.28 and jucedemo (using Linux), and the front page of JUCE Demo! works fine, along with the tabs, but the menu (Demo, Source Code, Look-and-feel) has no response to mouse. The menu still blurs and fades when the window is out of focus and goes back to normal when the window is in focus, but I can’t get it to open up any of the menus or anything.

I assume this to be a bug in either JUCE or jucedemo, but of course, I have no real idea. I haven’t changed the source code, though, so unless I’ve messed up something in juce_premake.lua, I can’t think of anything else it might be.

Has anyone else noticed this on Linux, or on other platforms? And if so, how have you fixed it?

Ah yes, it’s a linux-specific bug in the windowing code. I’ve got a fix for the next release, but have changed a load of other stuff too so can’t easily post the fixed files. New version will along soon…

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded and built the new v1.29, along with the included jucedemo, but I don’t see a change in the behavior. Did you mean it would be fixed in 1.30 or later?

no - it all works fine for me… are you sure you’ve rebuilt and relinked it all?

I believe so -

I deleted the juce folder in my home directory, then unzipped, built ~/juce/build/linux, then built ~/juce/demo/build/linux.

I’ll check if the old libjuce_debug exists anywhere else on my system

Someone else just mentioned this in the linux bit of the forum… I reckon it might actually be a Gnome/KDE weirdness, as I’m using Gnome these days. I’ll get myself a KDE distro and have a go.

Hm - I’m currently using Openbox, but I’ll try it on Gnome!