Various problems

I’m just porting my program from linux to macosx, and have some problems.

First the good thing: Both juce and my program compiled just fine! (except for that infinity strangety)

But here are the bad things:

*Menues don’t work. They are allways grayed out, and when clicking on the menu bar, it shows the menues in a glimps only. Same thing happens with popup menues.
*Pressing the window handle does not make a window pop up to the front.
*Impossible to move a window if using setUsingNativeTitleBar(true);
*The close/minimize/maximize buttons don’t work. (greyed out)
*Opening a fileChooser makes the program freeze.

These problems are juce-related, not myprogram-related, since they appear on jucedemo and the jucer as well.

This is the machine I’m working on:

  • Macosx10.4.8, intel.
  • xcode 2.4.1
  • /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk
  • gcc 4.0.1
  • juce 1.40

Maybe I should try older versions of xcode, sdk and gcc?
Can someone who use any of those tools above confirm that the version I’m using should work okay?

Any advice is appreciated!

Oh, nevermind. I was executing the wrong jucer and jucedemo executables. :oops:

And regarding my program, I should probably take a look at xcodebuild or something.