Problem with JUCE desktop window and Mac menubar

I got my new PowerBook which I like much more (including OSX) any PC or Windows I ever used. I tried Tracktion and I got a problem if I make the window not maximized (i.e, can be resized). Now the tracktion title with the close box, tabs, etc. is hiding under the Mac menubar. Now I am stuck and cannot move or use Tracktion. Is this a known problem? Whats the solution.

Since Tracktion is using JUCE I tried the JUCE demo and the main window is ok, can’t move it under the menu bar. But if I drag the window in the Misc Widgets tab to the desktop I can drag it under the menubar and make it hidden bellow it. I guess this is not a good behaviour for a Mac application. Sometimes you can drag stuff over the menu bar but it is shown on top of it and no under and normaly you can’t drop it and leave it there.

More Mac issues coming soon…

Interesting - tracktion works fine on my mac, it won’t let you drag it above the menu bar, so that’s mysterious. I’ll have a look into it.

In juce, windows like the DialogWindow, AlertWindow, etc are careful to limit where they can be moved to, but the little draggable component in the demo is only very simple and just moves to follow the mouse, as you can see from the code.

Check out the ComponentDragger class, too.

thanks, I didn’t drag tracktion there, I am almost sure that once I clicked the ‘restore’ button it was just there and now I am wondering how can I bring it back to where I can use it again :cry: It happend already once but I could somehow fix it. I guess I can look where the settings file is and do something there

Ok, now its consistent. If I start Tracktion and it is maximized then if I ‘restore’ it goes under the menubar and I can do nothing. The way to fix it is to resize it to max size I can, close it and reopen, now I can somehow drag the window in the gray area below the black title (in classic skin). now if I maximize again I and ‘restore’ it will not go under the menubar but if I close it when maximixed, next time I run it I can restore and get the problem again.

There is another issue with Tracktion on the Mac. I got a X-Station that is also a USB audio and Midi interface. In the system I chose it as the preffered device for Audio. When I used iTunes I was amazed to see that if I play through the X-Station and unplug the USB in the middle of the song, the audio would continue from the internal PowerBook speakers. If I connect the USB again the audio goes back to the X-Station. In Windows I couldn’t even dream it will happen (some worst stuff happens there with the ASIO USB driver). GarageBand was less automatic and when I plugged the USB in or out it would ask me if I want to use the X-Station or revert to internal audio. Tracktion didn’t work well with USB disconnect. If I select X-Station in Tracktion and plug it out in the middle of a song, all would stop, no dialogs and no auto revert. When I plug the USB again I needed to restart the device in the settings in order to make the song play again through X-Station. When I chose internal audio in Tracktion the song still stop playing when I plug the USB in or out even though I didn’t choose the X-Station…I need to press playh again to continue playing using the Internal audio…

I tried to check how the JUCE audio demo works but for some reason when I click the browse button to select a WAV file I get a Save dialog and it does not work at all.

Ok, thanks for the tracktion bugs - I’ll put them on the list, and I’ll check out the juce audio demo (I’m sure I tested that on the mac… maybe something else changed recently).