Menus and AlertWindows aren't paintin on Mac OS X 10.3.9

Menus and AlertWindows aren’t paintin on Mac OS X 10.3.9 until they get repainted, by a timer, or by mousing over a button, etc.

Damn. I don’t actually have 10.3.9 to test on…

Does it sort it out if you do a repaint when the window’s resized, like this:

[code] void resizeViewToFitWindow()
HIRect r;

    if (isSharedWindow)
        HIViewGetFrame (viewRef, &r);
        r.size.width = (float) component->getWidth();
        r.size.height = (float) component->getHeight();
        r.origin.x = 0;
        r.origin.y = 0;

        Rect w;
        GetWindowBounds (windowRef, windowRegionToUse, &w);

        r.size.width = (float) (w.right - w.left);
        r.size.height = (float) (w.bottom -;

    HIViewSetFrame (viewRef, &r);



that fixed it, thanks

Ok, well probably best to only make it happen in 10.3, as there’s no point doing a double-repaint in a 10.4 build: