Message Manager


I want to send messages from a class A to a class B. My class B contains a audioDeviceCallback function where I want to send messages to my class A. For example the class A needs to know some audio information to update a VU Meter, or when the audio callback has stopped.
Both class herits from MessageListener. I know I have to use a MessageManager to make it work, but I don’t know how and I didn’t find anything about it. Could someone show me an example, or explain me the way to make it work? Thanks a lot.


you’re probably better off using changeListeners or actionListeners.

Make one class a listener, and the other a broadcaster, then when instantiating them register the listener class with the broadcaster class by using


Then the the broadcaster class can simply call sendActionMessage() when it thinks something interesting has happened.

For change listeners, use change instead of action in the exampe above

thanks, that’s exactly what I needed :smiley: