Microsoft Redistributable Pack

Just wondering if anybody knows if the end user needs the Microsoft Redistributable Pack to be able to run a Juce app made with VS2010?

I know some apps need it if built in Visual Studio but not sure about Juce due to it’s cross-platform-ness. :oops:

Every computer I have acesss to has this already installed so no way of checking (without formatting the computer).


If your .EXE or .DLL is built with to use Dynamic Linking instead of Static Linking (to the C runtime) then you will need the Microsoft redistributable as part of your installer. This goes for ANY version of Visual Studio. It’s got nothing to do with Juce, or that Juce is cross-platform, because any non-trivial Windows application, Console application, or DLL is going to need the C runtime - at the very least, for access to malloc, operator new, etc…

Try to make your application or plugin statically linked, it will avoid needless headaches.

Are you using a helmet?