Do plugins need Visual Studio redistributable?


I’m distributing a plugin that seems to work for a majority of users, but mysteriously fails for others. I’m just using the default build settings created by Juce for VS2015.

Do I need to bundle the Visual Studio redistributable to be sure my plugin will work for all users? Thanks for any help!

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That depends on your runtime library setting. This can be checked here:

project -> properties -> configuration properties -> C/C++ -> code generation -> runtime library

MT* statically links the C runtime, thus users do not have to have the redistributable installed. MD* requires the redistributable installed, conversively. I’m not sure what juce-generated projects set this value to, however I suppose it sets it to MT*.


In the Introjucer / Projucer, there is an option called “Runtime Library”, you must select “static runtime” so you don’t need the Visual Studio Redistribuable anymore

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Hmm, thanks for the info. Juce does indeed set \MT by default, I will try \MD and see if that helps the user I have who can’t load the plugin…


For Windows XP and VS 2015, there are also other things to do :