Do plugins need Visual Studio redistributable?

I’m distributing a plugin that seems to work for a majority of users, but mysteriously fails for others. I’m just using the default build settings created by Juce for VS2015.

Do I need to bundle the Visual Studio redistributable to be sure my plugin will work for all users? Thanks for any help!

That depends on your runtime library setting. This can be checked here:

project -> properties -> configuration properties -> C/C++ -> code generation -> runtime library

MT* statically links the C runtime, thus users do not have to have the redistributable installed. MD* requires the redistributable installed, conversively. I’m not sure what juce-generated projects set this value to, however I suppose it sets it to MT*.

In the Introjucer / Projucer, there is an option called “Runtime Library”, you must select “static runtime” so you don’t need the Visual Studio Redistribuable anymore

Hmm, thanks for the info. Juce does indeed set \MT by default, I will try \MD and see if that helps the user I have who can’t load the plugin…

For Windows XP and VS 2015, there are also other things to do :