Projucer's VS 2015 export compile can't run on Win7 and Win8

Projucer 4.3.1.

It’ll show:

Can’t launch this app, missing ‘WSVCP140.dll’…

Any ideas?

I had the same issue. This did it for me.

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Thanks, @pizzafilms !

I changed the ‘Runtime Library’ of Projucer VS set to ‘Use static runtime’ and compiled a new version.
Hope win7 and win8 people could run my app smoothly.

I don’t see why Projucer should need to be built with a dynamic runtime. Building agains the static runtime feels so much safer. Perhaps the people at JUCE could change it?

I don’t suppose it matters at all how Projucer itself is built since it is an application for developers to use who will have all the runtimes installed anyway on the system.

But IMHO the default it uses for generating the Visual Studio projects should probably be changed for release builds. The dll runtime is a royal pain to deal with.