Midi channels modified in plug in



My app uses two MIDI channels : one for playing (note on/off), one for control (volume,…). It works fine.

I have the same configuration for the plugin (VST, AU). My problem is, in Live and Cubase, all midi channels seems to be set to 1. The only way, I can use a second channel, is to insert a second MIDI track, filter the control channel and send it back to my first track as input number 2.

I tried to find out where the channel modification is performed but couldn’t find : it is already done when the midi message arrives in juceAU:HandleMidiEvent.

Is this a standard behavior for plug-in or some DAWS ?

I use XCode 4 and downloaded juce a few days ago.

thanks for your help.



For Live,this is clearly a Live issue. Midi Channel is not only ignored, but as you observed all midi events are rechannelized on channel 1.

On the other hand, for Cubase, it depends on how you inserted your plugin and on the midi channel setting.
For multiple channels to work, you have to insert your plugin into a “VST Instruments” slot (AFAIK, this is not possible using an instrument track)
Next you have to set the Channel setting of the MIDI track used for your instrument to “Any”


Thanks for the advices ! I did further test with other plugin hosts and it works so the problem is not related to the plugin.