Midi doesn't work in the Juce Plug-In Host


I’ve checked it on OS X 5.3 and Wine 1.0 (the JPIH Windows version with WineAsio on JACK Linux) -but I can’t get no midi - in to work. the devices shown correctly in the preferences dialog, the plugins load properly and a click on the vkey make some noises, but the hardware devices not.

I’m sure thats a bug in Juce Plug-In Host, sry I’m not a coder to fix that for sure simple bug.

btw: seemed to be a good and stable WINEASIO mini host for poor linux users :slight_smile:


Thanks - I know there are a couple of things outstanding in the host, which I need to look at. I just didn’t have time to sort it out before doing a release. Will get onto it soon!