JUCE Midi plugin on Linux

From: JUCE: Tutorial: Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin, Part 1: Setting up

This tutorial will help you to set up your computer and create an Projucer project for developing audio plug-ins (VST3 and AudioUnit) using JUCE. At the end, we will end up with an audio plug-in that says “Hello, World!” and can be loaded into VST3 hosts like Cubase or REAPER.

Level: Intermediate
Platforms: Windows, macOS
Plugin Format: VST3, AU, Standalone

Does this mean that this Midi plugin of JUCE cannot run on Linux? Is there a way to make this run on Linux?

Since JUCE 6 building and hosting VST3 plug-ins is supported on Linux, we’ll get the tutorial updated to reflect this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Am thankful to you. Please post in this thread to notify when you get it done.

We’ve updated the supported platforms text on the website (pending a cache refresh) but all of the code is there to build VST3s on Linux so you can still follow along with the tutorial.

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Thank you for the follow up post.