VST3 support on Linux

From GitHub:

What’s actually different in terms of support for VST3 on Linux? Has that been investigated by someone?

Yep, we’re currently investigating and it’s a considerable amount of work. The Linux VST3 SDK requires that hosts expose an event loop to the plug-in so it can register file descriptor and timer event handlers and getting this to work nicely with JUCE’s existing event loop basically requires a complete re-write of the Linux messaging code. On the client side, we then need to hook into the host’s event loop which again is non-trivial.

It’s a high priority for us, but unfortunately giving exact timelines isn’t something that we can do right now.


I found myself repeating WTF when reading that message so only wish you luck!

Any news here? We need support for VST3 in Linux. If not possible with JUCE, we may have to look for other options.

We’re still working on it. The first couple of commits laying the foundations have just been pushed to the develop branch:

But, as before, I’m afraid we can’t give any more information about when it will be ready for release.


What is the current status? Can we expect VST3 support anytime soon?


I don’t have the vst2 sdk so I’d love an update on this if possible?

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I know it has been said before that it’s difficult to give any prognoses on when this will be ready, but I would also really like to know if there are any updates regarding this subject or what the current status is.


Now on the juce6 preview branch!


Thanks a lot! This is really great news!

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Does it mean that i can`t use plugin host on Linux for JUCE plugin testing? Because i can’t find out how to do this. Plugin host just doesn’t see my plugins. The plugin project is compiled in *.a, and host only sees *.so. Is this the reason? How to modify makefile to solve this?

This only works with the juce6 branch. Are you using the juce6 branch?


So can i use plugin host with JUCE 5?

Yes, but on Linux only with VST (i.e. VST2, but not VST3) plugins.
On Mac, with AU, VST, and VST3 plugins.
On Windows, with VST and VST3 plugins.

But here is the issue. In a “Tutorial: Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin, Part 1: Setting up” is said to add my newly created plugin in plugin host i have to choose " Scan for new or updated VST plug-ins". In Linux it’s “Scan for new or updated LANDSPA plug-ins”. When i click this and go to Build/CLion there is no file i can add to Available plugins

And as i undersood Steinberg doesn’t support VST2, so i can’t even use it

If you want to build plugins with JUCE on Linux, the most straightforward way is to use JUCE 6, which supports VST3 plugins out of the box. JUCE 5 and JUCE 6 both also support building VST2 plugins on Linux, but this requires special permissions from Steinberg.