Linux VST3 and JUCE compatibility


Hi !

Since the VST SDK 3.6.7 has been released, are you planning to add a VST3 compatibility for JUCE plugins on Linux ? as the Linux case is not yet present in the juce_VST3_Wrapper.cpp file.
Also I am trying to make a simple GUI plugin with the new VST3. I tried it with the VSTGUI and it worked fine and now I want to use JUCE GUI components instead. I am currently having some windowing difficulties. As I saw this 5 years topic : Possiblility to creat JUCE GUI in VST3 project , is it now reasonable to do such a thing ?

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Hi @bardetad,

We are currently looking into Linux VST3 support. It probably won’t make it for the JUCE 5 release but it will work on it soon after.



Thanks for the reply @fabian. And when do you plan the JUCE 5 release ?


Experience has shown that giving firm dates for releases always leads to trouble. However, I will say that the JUCE team is working on preparing JUCE 5 now, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.


Hi @fabian,

Could you notify us once you’ll have worked out the Linux VST3 compat ?




Hi guys,

Any news on this topic ?



@fabian @t0m


Hi @fabian and @t0m,

Did this feature came out of your dev backlog scope ?

Thanks for reply.




Would be great. Especially for new developers who aren’t allowed to distribute VST2 anymore…