No vst plugins

new here may be i’m wrong but just to be sure:
on linux is it possible to build VST plugins (or another linux plugins) ?

When i check VST3 on projucer no target is built

thanks for help

Only possible to build VST2 at the moment on Linux, which requires the VST2 SDK, which you can’t get any more or distribute the resulting binaries either.

There was some talk of work being done on VST3 for Linux a while before, but judging from the comments about that, it’s not a straightforward task.

Yeah it’s a bummer. You can find the VST2 SDK if you search for a bit though.
If the plugin is only for yourself or prototyping, VST2 works pretty well.

Thanks for anwsering.

it’s a shame that Juice can’t make any linux plugins (VST2 SDK works well but just to make some test). Is there a other way to do that, an other plugin format or a framework ?

We are legally not allowed to use the VST2 SDK because you can’t get a licence for it anymore. That means: effectively, on Linux there is currently no way at all to build audio plug-ins of any kind using JUCE.

Dear JUCE team, please consider doing something to get the community out of this miserable situation! Thank you :heart: