Linux, Projucer, and VST target

Hi !

I am trying to create a new audio plugin project, and compile it on linux. I am currently able to create it and compile the standalone plugin but cannot manage to add the VST target to the linux makefile exporter.

I managed to compile the Dexed plugin but I don’t understand why the projucer doesn’t add the VST target even if I enable it in the audio processor module.

Any help on this would be appreciated ! : )

Do you have the VST SDK installing? I am not sure how well the VST3 SDK works on Linux yet, so you’ll probably need the VST 2.4 SDK, which is not so easily got any more.

Yes I already know the issue regarding the VST2 SDK, but it seems that the latest version of the projucer doesn’t want to create the target for the vst anyway.
I managed to create it using the projucer from the 5.3.2 SDK.
If you are on arch linux using gnome like me : make CXX="clang++" -j8 CONFIG=Release
to compile with clang, the latest gcc doesn’t like the JUCE codebase.
Run it with : GDK_BACKEND=x11 ./Projucer

The VST target is no longer enabled by default. You’ll need to enable it by ticking the “VST (Legacy)” option in project settings -> Plugin Formats, then re-save the project.

I think it is a bit confusing, I would expect it to automatically turn that on when I choose to enable the VST in the audio processor module settings…
I am surprised it is that complicated to enable the VST target on linux especially for a beginner like me, when VST3 is still not available. :confused:

The JUCE_PLUGINHOST_VST option in the juce_audio_processors module is for enabling the hosting of VST plug-ins. If you want to build a VST plug-in then you need to enable the target in the project settings like I said above.

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Ooh I see. Thanks for the explanation ! :slight_smile: