Create a VST with Linux and Clion


I got some problems to create a VST with Clion on Linux.
My goal is to build a plug-in so i can use it on Reaper, but:
I got two problems.

  • The first one is an error: “You need to enable one plug-in format” when i try to compile.
    At this moment i got only VST checked on the option “Plugin Formats”.

  • To resolve that problem i have checked the “Standalone” case. It compile, create an executable that i can run, but it doesn’t create anything else. So i can’t put it on Reaper.

I’m kinda stuck at this moment, if you have any idea to resolve this problem i take it.
If you need more information, i will provide them.

Than you!

It is no longer possible to build a VST plugin with JUCE unless you have a written agreement from Steinberg. VST3 plugins are supported on Linux on the juce6 branch (but not on master/develop), so I’d recommend switching branches and enabling the VST3 format in the Projucer.

Ok thanks for the answer.
So i did as you say, but still it doesn’t create a vst3. Even after I changed the format.
I can use it in standalone but it’s not enough for what i want to do :confused:

If you are using CLion anyway, have you tried using the CMake build system which is available on the juce6 development branch? I’m using that combination and VST3s work great.