Developing for VST3 on Windows using CLion

Hi everyone!
I’ve just starting learning audio programming, and am new to C++ and JUCE. I’ve been getting along great so far using Visual Studio, however it turns out I get CLion for free with the JetBrains student plan.
I’ve been trying to use the CLion exporter, however I’ve noticed as I’m on Windows, its based on Code::Blocks which currently has no VST3 support.
Are there any workarounds for this so far? My goal is to develop VST plugins, and while I’m happy to use Visual Studio it would be great to use CLion, as I prefer it over VS.

Hi @imagiro,

If you’re familiar with CLion and the fact that it loads CMakeLists.txt files, then you might want to have a look at FRUT (I’m the author).

I’m personally not using CLion, so I can’t guarantee you that it will all work smoothly, but you should be able to convert an “Audio Plug-In” project from Projucer into a read-to-use CMakeLists.txt file using Jucer2Reprojucer (from FRUT) and then load that CMakeLists.txt file in CLion.

I hope this helps!

Thanks @McMartin! I’ll have a look into it now :slight_smile:

I got it working with FRUT - for reference, it involved changing the CMake options in CLion, so that it used the Visual Studio 2019 generator instead of the Code::Blocks one.

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I’m very happy that you got it working!

If you like FRUT and you have a GitHub account, please consider starring to give it more visibility. Thanks!

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H @imagiro , can you explain the steps needed to make it work in CLion please? When I use the default projucer configuration, I can open VS2017 and generate a Release x64 vst3, but when I use FRUT to generate the CMakeLists.txt file, it generates a file I can open with CLion but it just offers Debug win32 build option. I wanted to try CLion cause I like the interface and smoothness of Jetbrains products compared to VS2017 but I’m not sure to understand how it’s supposed to work. Could you help me a bit please? Thanks a lot by advance :slight_smile:

And thanks @McMartin for FRUT, it looks pretty powerful and complete, I’m just too much a noob at the moment to understand it fully :slight_smile:

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@stfufane thanks a lot for using FRUT!

I’m not familiar enough with CLion to give you a solution, but should give you some pointers.

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Thank tou @McMartin ! I had to change the toolchain parameter to get the x64 mode indeed. I tried quickly yesterday and also noticed that the Reprojucer.cmake used Code::Blocks generator by default. I didn’t have time to dig further and I’m not on the right computer to test now but I managed to launch the command with the right generator and build the VST from CLion. I just need to find how to automate that in Reprojucer settings and how to get both Debug and Release configurations. I have the corresponding lines in CMakeLists.txt but not the option, there’s probably something I’m missing but I’m sure there’s a way!
Thanks for your time :slight_smile: