VST3 Built on Linux Not Appearing in DAW


I am using JUCE 6.0.1 to create a VST3 plugin on Debian. JUCE was installed from the provided .tar and not through the apt package. I am using the included VST3_SDK, and not using an external installation.

I am able to compile and run the example NoiseGate plugin in standalone mode just fine and dandy (after disabling the JUCE_WEB_BROWSER in the juce_gui_extra). However, when I try to load the .so VST into either Ardour or Reaper there seems to be an issue with loading it. I am assuming it segfaults on start but I have trouble getting proof. On Ardour I get the following message:

2020-09-21T19:10:49 [INFO]: VST Blacklist:

It also seems that I am not able to attach a debugger to the VST, as Ardour might do some sandboxing? I’m not quite sure. I’ve run Ardour under GDB and wasn’t able to see a stacktrace.

I’ve also fired up CLion and attempted to attach a debugger to the generated .so file, but that segfaults immediately. Can’t seem to time it with an Ardour plugin scan, which also makes things tricky.

I was wondering if anyone could provide tips to debug this further. Could this be related to disabling the JUCE_WEB_BROWSER flag?


Did you try to load in single .so file in DAW or .vst3 directory (bundle)? Afaik Ardour hasn’t VST3 support, Reaper does.

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Looks like using the .vst3 directory with Reaper is what did it. Greatly appreciated.