Linux, VST and AudioPluginHost

I am quite sure that my question is stupid. I want to know which is the right plugin format to test JUCE audio projects on Linux with AudioPluginHost. Until recently, I compiled my plugins for VST2 on Linux and AudioPluginHost saw them. Now, AudioPluginHost only sees LADSPA plugins and I don’t see how to configure a JUCE project to compile my plugins for that format.
Actually, I use an old version of AudioPluginHost with VST2 support but I want to know which is the updated best way to work.

Since the removal of the VST2 SDK from JUCE (see this and this post), the AudioPluginHost no longer supports hosting VST2 plug-ins by default. You’ll need to download an older copy of the VST SDK containing the VST2 SDK and add the path to your global search paths here:

and then enable the JUCE_PLUGINHOST_VST flag in the juce_audio_processors module here:

Thanks. That’s exactly what I do now to compile VST2 on my Linux (while I use an older version of AudioPluginHost to manage this VST2). Ma question was more to know which format to choose for the future when Linux is used as development and test environment for JUCE audio project. I see that AudioPluginHost manages LADSPA, but I don’t know if JUCE generates such plugins and how to configure my projects to generate them.

No, there currently isn’t any support for building LADSPA plug-ins in JUCE. VST3 client and hosting code on Linux is a high priority on our roadmap though, but I’m afraid I can’t give an exact date of when it will be released.

Thanks again for your response. I will then wait for a VST3 support for Linux, even if I understand it’s not an easy task and they are probably not many developers working on Linux. Until then, I will use an old version of AudioPluginHost.