Midi input from other apps on ipad

Hi, on my iPad I’m trying to get midi messages from other apps as “Cubasis”, so I inherited in my class “MidiInputCallback” and in init I put this code:

auto midiDevices = MidiInput::getDevices();
MidiInput* mi = MidiInput::openDevice(1, this);
std::cout<<"\n"<getName()<<"\n"<<std::endl; //this print Cubasis

However this function that I must implement to handle incoming Midi Inputs is never called when I send message from other apps (I’m sure that them send messages because I tested them sending messages to play some synth app):

void MainComponent::handleIncomingMidiMessage (MidiInput* source, const MidiMessage& message) {
std::cout<<"\n"<<“I’m here”<<"\n"<<std::endl;

Thank you in advice!

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Really thank you! now it works perfectly!