MidiOutput::createNewDevice on iOS

Before I spend too long on this I was wondering if anyone has successfully got MIDI output from an iOS app to OSX using the mentioned MidiOutput::createNewDevice? I had to add some custom plist (below) in order to get the device opened correctly and now it shows up in “MIDI Network Setup” but I don’t get any output from it.

I’m pretty sure the network session is set up correctly as a similar “Pad MIDI” app using the same session sends messages correctly. I think the test app I’m using is also working because the OSX version correctly updates MIDI monitor. It just sends noteOn/noteOffs alternating every second.

I have a feeling it will be something silly like a config option somewhere as it was all a bit too easy to get up and running. Anybody done this before?

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

UIBackgroundModes audio [/code]