MIDI problem in mac 10.5 - solved


hi all,
during the last week i had a stubborn midi problem in audio units for apple mac 10.5
if someone have the same problem all you need to do (for getting midi events to your audio processor) is to change one line in the AU warrper.

so go to line 755 and instead of:

long inStartFrame


UInt32 	inStartFrame

and, magic… you have midi :stuck_out_tongue:

now a question,
do i need to duplicate the old function to have a 10.4 compatibility?

thanks !!
red_muze hope that this will solve your midi problem 8)


yay! it worx!

thanks a bunch!


Very annoying - hopefully apple will patch that soon…


Many thanks again to aviram2k for the fix. :slight_smile:

I’d really like to know what magic led you to work out the solution. 8)

Just to cross-reference to the other thread where the problem was also discussed…


With best wishes to all,



Hi Jules,

What do you think of using:

OSStatus HandleMidiEvent (UInt8 nStatus, UInt8 inChannel, UInt8 inData1, UInt8 inData2, #if defined(MAC_OS_X_VERSION_10_5) UInt32 inStartFrame #else long inStartFrame #endif )

It’s ugly, but that way AU instruments will build correctly on both leopard and tiger


I think I might have missed this post… Good idea, I’ll add that!