MIDI recording and playback

Hey! I'm fairly new to JUCE and I'm trying to make a simple recording of MIDI input by pressing a button and be able to playback the recording. 

I have been trying to look into the HandlingMidiEventsTutorial, but with no success yet. Is there a simple example of this around somewhere or could someone be kind to explain it to me?  

There are MIDI and Synth examples in the JUCE Demo (JUCE/examples/Demo/). I suggest you compile and run the demo and have a look at the corresponding code. That's how most users learn about Juce.


Thanks for your reply!

I still have some problems though. I have been able to write a MIDI file to my desktop when i press a button. The problem is that it doesn't record the streaming MIDI input. I made a MidiFile object, added a MidiMessageSequence object to it and added that using addTrack() method and then writeTo() to stream it out.

Is there really no simple example somewhere that shows how you write a MIDI file from MIDI inputs from a device? That would be really helpful to me smiley

I have found an example of how to play a MIDI file. 


Hey, I was looking for something like that. Could you please point me in that direction?


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