MIDI SysEx messages


it seems that if the plugin receive SysEx from a MIDI track (getting data from getSysExData()) the plugin receive F0 twice.

const uint8* MidiMessage::getSysExData() const noexcept
    return isSysEx() ? getRawData() + 1 : nullptr;

in my code I’ve try to debug with this:

if (midiMessage.isSysEx())
    const uint8* sysexData = midiMessage.getSysExData();
    DBG("sysexData[0]: " + String(sysexData[0]));

and I can see that if I receive the SysEx message from a MIDI track loading my plugin into a DAW sysexData[0] is F0 instead of the byte after F0.
This does not happen if I send the same MIDI to a standalone instrument external to the DAW.
I’ve try with Cubase 12 and Logic Pro 10.7.5, my plugin is build with JUCE 7.0.3.

Does anyone know why I get two F0 messages from a MIDI track if I load plugin into a DAW?