MidiClip issue

I noticed that if i create a MidiClip with the start at zero time, and add to it’s sequence a MidiNote at the start, and then add other notes late in the timeline, the first notes ( at zero time ) will not be played until i move the start of the midi clip ( or the start of the notes in sequence ) almonst at 120 sub beats…

Is there anyone how can help me ?

That sounds like a bug that has been fixed but I can’t remember where.
What branch are you using?

i’m using the develop branch ( 2.1.0 ).

Hi @dave96
Do you have some news ?

Sorry, I’m not able to replicate this.
Are you sure it’s not an issue with your synth?

I might need some more info about how exactly you’re adding clips, specifying the playback time etc.

I’m not using a vst.
I’m just sending the midi notes to an external midi port.

The way i add the clip is :

MidiClip::Ptr  insertMidiClipToTrack(tracktion_engine::Edit* edit, Track* track, ClipPosition& position, SelectionManager* sm)
	if (track->isAudioTrack())
		AudioTrack* audioTrack = dynamic_cast<AudioTrack*>(track);

		tracktion_engine::MidiClip::Ptr mc = audioTrack->insertMIDIClip(position.time, sm);

		QuantisationType qt;

		qt.setType("1/4 beat");



		return mc;


	return {};

and then add notes to the sequence using this method from the midi sequence of the clip:

MidiNote* addNote (int pitch, BeatPosition startBeat, BeatDuration lengthInBeats, int velocity, int colourIndex, juce::UndoManager*);

Ok, I’m able to reproduce. Will take a look today.

Should be fixed on develop now with this commit: