Tracktion first note not playing when looping

Hey. I notice that in tracktion engine when you turn looping on, and you play edit from the start, if there is midi clip positioned at 0.0 and midi notes at 0.0 then this notes not playing, but if you turn looping off, these first notes will play. Can someone please tell me how to fix this or maybe point on some other discussion. Also I’ve noticed that in tracktion app there is same behavior

Is this just with a specific plugin?

No just sending midi to external midi devices, standalone Reaktor 6 in my case, but same with any device

Also analysing midi output with renoise midi monitor, seems like note off of this first note is playing, but note on is not

Have you tried this in Waveform by any chance? That’s a good place to check it’s not something in user code.

Yeah, tried now with waveform, same thing

Want to clarify that note is not playing only when you position playhead right on first loop point, like that, but on any bar actually

And when you hit play they’re not playing first time, but when playhead loops back then they’ll play

Also there is the case when looping turned off, and edit is playing and you hit rewind to the start of the edit, those notes also will not play

I think this is a problem with some synths that can’t handle an all-notes-off message just before a note-on. It works with some synths:
MIDI Note at Time 0

Interesting…thank you for the hint, think I could try to hack this behaviour now