Minor JSON bug report

I have been testing JUCE against an online validator (http://jsonlint.com/) and noticed a small error in JUCE JSON parsing. A valid JSON block must be part of an object or array, so JUCE says that this string is OK . . .

When at minimum it should be either . .

{ "foo":1 }


[ "foo", 1 ]

It is very easy to check in my code that the top level var is an object or an array, but this should probably be picked up during the initial parse phase. Thanks

Ok, easy enough to check that.

Thanks for looking. I just pulled in the tip after seeing that you changed the class, but it is still parsing the naked . . .

…giving Result::ok

No, that would be impossible with my changes. You mustn’t be using the latest code.

Ug, sorry. I got tripped up by the old “create local copy” in the modules settings within the introjucer. Ooops. Thanks.