Missing isOutputConnected implementation in juce_VstWrapper

Hello jules,

i’am using
visual studio 2005
juce 1.45
vst sdk 2.4 rev 2

compiler error:
Error 1 error C3861: ‘isOutputConnected’: identifier not found d:\sdk\juce\juce_1_45\juce\extras\audio plugins\wrapper\formats\vst\juce_vstwrapper.cpp 708


It’s a member function of the VSTSDK AudioEffect class… Or at least, it is in the VST version that I’ve got. Doesn’t your version have it??

isOutputConnected is deprecated in vst sdk 2.4 rev 2

virtual bool DECLARE_VST_DEPRECATED (isOutputConnected) (VstInt32 output); in vst sdk.


Ah, I see. I must still have 2.4 rev 1. Ok, I’ve checked-in a new version now where I’ve implemented my own version of this method to avoid confusion.

now i get:

juce_vstwrapper.cpp(1393) : error C2065: ‘audioMasterPinConnected’ : undeclared identifier

audioMasterPinConnected is deprecated too ( __audioMasterPinConnectedDeprecated )

Agh - that’s really annoying, because I was only calling that method to fix problems in the new version of cubase, which probably doesn’t support it.

Ok, I’ve found a more cunning way to do the same thing now without needing any deprecated methods, and have checked it in…

Hi Jules, I know this thread is old, but I find myself in the need of some connection info from the host, since I’m writing a mixer vst plugin (for the modular hosts)

This cunning way of getting the input connection info you mention, does that include the ability to get connection information for individual channels? If so, how?

I’ve tried the Steinberg SDK docs, and I’m completely lost in the 10 different deprecated ways of getting this information through the SDK. Is it even possible? Perhaps through using all the deprecated methods and comparing the results?


I’ve no idea, I can’t remember anything about this problem… What are you actually trying to do?