Missing parameter details for some host formats

When hosting plugins it seems some of the host formats don’t implement certain methods that should be supported (as they are reported to the hosts in the wrappers).

These are the ones I’ve identified…


  • getParameterID()
  • getParameterText()
    (this is actually implemented in the derived class but it just returns the value as a string)
  • getParameterDefaultValue()
  • isMetaParameter()


  • getParameterID()
  • getParameterDefaultValue()
  • getParameterLabel()
  • isParameterAutomatable()

All of the above are reported to the hosts in the wrappers in one way or another but not implemented in the hosts to read from the plugins.

I did wonder if it would make more sense to fill this data into some AudioProcessorParameters that are added to the AudioProcessor so hosts can just call getParameters(), and all the above methods in the AudioProcessor would just work without the need to implement each one separately. Assuming all the details are gathered in the constructor, and also assuming no plugins change any details about the parameters at runtime (unfortunately someone is bound to be doing that somewhere).

It’s a good suggestion, and one that we’re already looking at doing. There are a few places where the handing of parameters could be improved and this is on our road map for the near future.